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Welcome! I am glad that you are interested in my work. I consider myself a world politics generalist, trying to see the big picture, without losing sight of the important details. My main areas of interest remain Asian affairs, Europe’s position in the world, and statecraft.

Balancing China’s rise: Why small countries matter. In this article I explain the importance for small European countries to balance China’s rise. Balancing, it clarifies, is not necessarily about excluding any form of cooperation, but about making sure that cooperation remains balanced. Like checks and balances are important inside countries; checks and balances matter between countries.

The new contest for Eurasia: Read my new essay about great power politics in Eurasia. China has the potential to become an empire of an unprecedented scale. Balancing efforts must involve a whole-of-Eurasia approach, encompassing the heartland of Mackinder, the Rimland of Spykman, and the blue waters of Mahan.

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