On world order and disorder

Jonathan Holslag

Welcome! Thanks for visiting. I consider myself a world politics generalist, trying to see the big picture without losing sight of the details. My main areas of interest are geopolitics, Eurasian affairs, and economic power politics. Contact: [email protected]


New report about Alibaba (read)

Analysis: Global Gateway or dead end? (read).

Opinion in Le Monde: Opium War in reverse? (read).

A long interview with Review of Democracy on my latest book and how the West made its authoritarian rivals rich (listen or read).

New book: World Politics Since 1989′, translated as ‘Van muur tot muur: De wereldpolitiek sinds 1989’.

‘This book connects all the dots.’ Geert Mak.

‘Makes a deep impression through its range and analytical sharpness.’ Timothy Garton Ash.

The new contest for Eurasia: Read my essay about great power politics in Eurasia.