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China tech

l’écrémage numérique chinois Comment interpréter l’attitude des autorités chinoises vis-à-vis du secteur technologique ? La Chine a progressé très rapidement sur le plan technologique ces

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Pipeline addicts

Moscow will continue to exploit Europe’s internal divisions, to exploit its energy dependence, and enhance its own strategic autonomy.

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The Contest for Eurasia

The long-term consequence of China positioning itself at the heart of this vast Eurasian market, though, is an imperial order of a scale not seen before. America will never check China in the Indo-Pacific, if it is allowed to become dominant on the Eurasian landmass.

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The opportunistic peace

The EU has become a facade of clever slogans and speeches, behind which a generation of tepid politicians and technocrats hides.

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Balancing China’s Rise

China is emerging as a formidable power in the heart of Eurasia. It is in the interest of Europe to balance China’s rise and small countries must contribute. Balancing must work inside-out: from fortifying the ‘soft’ core of values to strengthening the ‘hard’ capacity to pressure China where it is most sensitive.

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