On world and disorder


Silk Road Trap


Published by Polity in 2019: A short book about the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and its consequences for Europe. (Read more)


‘A strong and thought-provoking argument.’  

Financial Times


A Political History of the World


Published by Pelican in 2019: A broad canvas overview of the events that shaped world history, the continuous shifts in the balance of power, changes and patterns in diplomacy, and developments in thinking about international relations. (Read more)


‘Superb, extensive and well written.’  

Journal of World History



China’s Coming war with Asia


Published by Polity in 2016: This book argues that what has made China’s rise peculiar is not so much its ambition and behaviour, but the reticence with which other countries in Asia try to balance China. That, however, could change. Conflict in Asia cannot be excluded.



Men Honghua, Central Party School 


Other books:


China and India: Prospects for Peace (Columbia University Press, 2010)
Trapped Giant (IISS and Routledge, 2011)
China’s Coming War with Asia (Polity and others, 2015)
De Kracht van het Paradijs (De Bezige Bij, 2014) 
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