Jonathan Holslag On world order and disorder

26 March: Corporate Briefing

26 March: Briefing at the Bilderberg

24 March: Setting the scene and moderating at the Future of Force Conference 2015.

Schermafbeelding 2014-07-03 om 15.26.5419 March: Government briefing and briefing to MEP

16 March: Körber Debate on Asian Security, Hamburg.

11 March: Lecture on the EU, LSE London.

11 March: Briefing to cabinet, London.

09 March: Lecture in C-Mine, Genk.

03 March: Briefing to EU Commissioner.

02 March: Briefing to Minister, Paris.

27 February: Book launch event.Schermafbeelding 2014-07-03 om 15.24.01

20 February: Lecture Hamont Achel.

19 February: Lecture Brugge

17 February: Corporate briefing.

14 February: Debate political party, Amsterdam.

12 February: Debate on Europe, de Buren, Brussel.

04 February: Presentation on industrial policy, Antwerpen.

27 January: Presentation on great power politics in Africa, SHAPE, Mons.

14 January: Hearing Belgian Parliament on the future of defence.

12 January: Presentation, Studium Generale, Maastricht.

06 January: Briefing to minister.

3 December: Corporate briefing.

26 November: Briefing to EU Commissioner.

21 November: Presentation on China’s response to the US rebalance at RAND, Washington.Schermafbeelding 2015-03-29 om 13.36.19

14 November: Corporate briefing.

14 November: Lecture on Asia to the Royal Military Academy, Breda.

12 November: Presentation on China’s military transition for the Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors Course of the NATO Defence College in Rome.

10 November: Debate on Asia at the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum.

08 November: Bergedorf Forum, Hamburg.

7 November: Presentation to the Flag and Supreme Officers of the Dutch Armed Forces, Doorn.

30 October: Panel debate, Trilateral Commission Belgrade.

28 October: Europe Lecture, The Hague.

23 October: Lecture, ADL, Ghent.

21 October: Lecture, Uccle

20 October: Lecture European Patent Office, The Hague.

13 October: Internal seminar on Chinese economic reforms.

06 October: Keynote about Europe for a large food company, Brussels.

01 October: On Europe, Asia, and China in Kiev.

31 September: On Europe, Actueel Denken, Leuven.

26 September: On Asia for the Higher Studies for Defence, Dutch Defence Academy.

24 September: Panel discussion on Asia, French government, Paris.

22 September: On China at the Military Academy in Breda.

15 September: Briefing on Europe’s security environment to European Parliament fraction.

01 July: Keynote about Europe for a large IT company, Brussels.

13 June: Presentation about India and China, Nobel Symposium, Oslo.

13 June: Keynote about Europe for a large media company, Hamburg.

29 May: Presentation about Europe, Nobel Institute, Oslo.

22 May: Briefing to the chiefs of European navies, Portsmouth.

21 May: Panel debate about Europe’s role in world affairs, Vote Europe, Amsterdam.

14 May: Presentation on China’s military transition for the Generals, Flag Officers and Ambassadors Course of the NATO Defence College in Rome.

12 May: Presentation of my new book to the students of a secondary school in Izeghem.

2 May: Panel discussion in Antwerp on the occasion of the launch of the boek Beter of the president of the Green Party, Wouter van Bezien.

25 April: Trilateral Commission, Washington.

24 April: Internal seminar, US Government, Washington.

22 April: Lecture on Asian security for the Dutch Defence Academy in Breda.

17 April: On Europe, presentation for the young liberals, Brussels.

15 April: Radio debate on the role of Europe in international politics, Amsterdam.

8 April: Internal briefing for Rabobank management.

20 March: Debate on Europe with Guy Verhofstadt, Ghent.

13 March: Lecture on Europe to the students of the Provinciale Hogeschool Hasselt, PXL.

13 March: Lecture in Europe to Stichting Ryckevelde, Antwerp.

11 March: Lecture on Europe, Brasschaat.

6 March: Book launch in De Buren, Brussels.

27 February: Book launch in Amsterdam.

26 February: Briefing on Asia for the Dutch National Television, NOS.

17 February: Panel debate on Europe in Berlin, on the occasion of the state visit of the King.

4 February: Lecture on great power politics in Asia for the Atlantic Committee, Oslo.

31 January: Presentation to the Dutch Advisory Council on International Affairs, The Hague.

30 January: Presentation on India to the advanced course of the Royal Military Academy.

29 January: Presentation on China to the advanced course of the Royal Military Academy.

17 January: Briefing at the Dutch Ambassadors’ conference, The Hague.

15 January: Presentation the international order to the Flemish Alliance, Brussels.

14 January: Briefing in European Parliament on the East China Sea.

13 January: Talk to the Chamber of Commerce, Hasselt.

10 January: Lecture on China’s trade strategy, Association for International Affairs, Prague.

8 January: Briefing on China’s financial diplomacy to European Commissioner.

5 December: On the Indian Ocean, Ecole de Guerre, Paris.




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