Jonathan Holslag On world order and disorder

A Political History of the World

Order in English or Dutch. Translations to follow in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and more languages. In three thousand years of history, China has spent at least eleven centuries at war. The Roman Empire was in conflict during at least 50 per cent of its lifetime. Since 1776, the United States has... read more

China’s coming war with Asia

My new book is ready! In that book, China’s Coming War with Asia, published by Polity, I tried to present Asia’s most pressing dilemma in the most straightforward terms: China’s core interests are incompatible with its pursuit of a peaceful rise... read more

De Kracht van het Paradijs: Hoe Europa Kan Overleven in de Aziatische Eeuw

The Euro Crisis was a warm-up, the book argues. The summits of drama and suspense in Brussels have drawn the attention away from much more intimidating economic, social, and political problems. Moreover, a weakened Europe risks to degrade into a playground for the major powers, rather than to become able to play a role in the new great power politics itself. But these menaces, it claims, should not prompt Europe to dismantle its unique achievements. It must become more ambitious to make its society resilient, competitive – and pleasant. “Bold and elegant, visionary and graceful,” Robert D. Kaplan. read more

Trapped Giant: China’s Troubled Military Rise

This book, published in the reputable Adelphi Series of the Institute of International and Strategic Studies, presents a lucid analysis of how China perceives its security environment, what its perceptions are of America’s long-standing military presence in Asia, how it has sought to take on the superpower’s preponderance, and in which way this affects regional... read more

China and India: Prospects for Peace

For all their spectacular growth, China and India must still lift a hundred million citizens out of poverty and create jobs for the numerous labourers. Both powers hope trade and investment will help sustaining national unity. For the first time, Jonathan Holslag identifies these objectives as new sources of rivalry and argues that China and... read more

China: Macht of Mythe?

Dit boek is een vlijmscherpe analyse en verklaart op een heldere wijze waarom China waarschijnlijk géén wereldmacht zal worden. Na een lang kluizenaarsbestaan hijst China zich opnieuw op het wereldtoneel. Het land is vast van plan uit te groeien tot een wereldmacht. Dit boek besteedt vooral aandacht aan de buitenlandse politiek van de aspirant-supermacht. Het... read more