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Report: Making Democracy Thrive

Thirty years ago, the Trilateral Commission published a report on democracy, charting a trilateral agenda for the decade. Co-authors then were Zbigniew Brzezinski, Saburo Okita and David Owen.

Last month, in my capacity as Rockefeller Fellow, I presented my report, “Making Democracy Thrive”, to the European chapter of the Trilateral Commission in Belgrade.

The paper’s main argument is that Europe faces not so much a crisis of democracy. There is still overwhelming support for maintaining democratic structures, but citizens do expect those democratic structures to perform, that is, to shepherd them out of today’s economic uncertainty. The report seeks to offer concrete policy options to European politicians that find themselves caught between the traditional prescriptions of austerity and investment.

Let’s hope that it nourishes the trilateral dialogue as much as the report of 1984. For those interested, it can be downloaded here.

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